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A Little Bit About Some Of Bridekirk's Featured Artists

Posted by Chris 04/10/2021 0 Comment(s)

If you’ve been here before, you have no doubt that we have a wide range of artists’ prints, all with different styles and forms of media. Each one of our artists has their own little touch when it comes to art, to give you a view of the same place from multiple different perspectives. The artists on Bridekirk Fine Art are remarkable with their craft, and are interesting people as well. So, let’s give you a little insight into a few of our most popular artists, shall we?

John Coatsworth Prints

Undeniably one of our most popular (and best selling) artists, John Coatsworth is a well known artist born in Newcastle. In fact, he’s a Freeman of Newcastle. The most remarkable thing about John is that he’s a self-taught artist, who only found his distinct style later on in life. He went to Newcastle Art College and studied Graphic Art, after which he worked at Hancock Museum, where he designed and illustrated displays. Before he decided to paint as a profession, he actually worked as a Graphic Designer for The Newcastle Evening Chronicle, where he did illustrations, visuals, and cartoons (of which you can see traces in his current famed style of art).

John has been painting since 1986, and only developed his distinct style after years of painting traditionally. He always wanted to try something different, and so he stumbled upon his “Curvation” (also called “Bendy”) style one day whilst experimenting with a mix of fine art and graphics on a scene of Newcastle. Since then, he’s adopted this style and it’s been 12 whole years of brilliant John Coatsworth prints using this unique style for cityscapes.

Staying true to the passions of a local artist, he finds his inspiration is Newcastle’s fine architecture and busy streets that burst with life. He’s painted scenes of Newcastle, the River Tyne, Gateshead Quayside and more North Eastern areas. But don’t let this make you think he only limits his art to local scenes! He’s quite the worldly man and has also worked on pieces in New York, Australia, and Amsterdam. In fact, he’s currently working on scenes from London, Paris, Edinburgh and New York, while also planning on expanding his horizons further.

Some of his most famous work is commissioned by Newcastle Airport, Newcastle Building Society, Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle Tourist Board, Tyne and Wear Museums and Newcastle/Gateshead Hilton. He even did a solo exhibition of his work for 6 weeks at Woodhorn Gallery in Ashington.

There’s a lot more to look forward to when it comes to John Coatsworth prints, and you can find all his work (old and latest) right here at Bridekirk Fine Art! A lot of his work is limited edition, so you should check out the shop and grab your very own print as soon as you can.

Bob Turnbull Prints

Another great local artist we have featured on our website is Bob Turnbull. He stays true to the spirit of local art and works from a small studio in his home, based in Seaton Delaval, Northumberland.

Bob Turnbull is highly experienced and has been experimenting with art for over 40 years now, dabbling in both semi and professional art over the years, after studying fine art at Newcastle University when it was still King’s College!

Bob’s style is impressive in that it shifts between realistic and semi-abstract to give you realistic landscapes with a much needed hint of surrealism. He’s very experimental when it comes to his art and loves to paint mainly local industrial, shipping, and harbour scenes, with sea and landscape paintings every now and then.

Some of his most popular work (as seen on our website) is “Beadnell” and “Beadnell Beach”, which both capture the image beautifully with a nice added touch of colourful surrealism. In fact, these Bob Turnbull prints are so popular, they’ve even sold out!

Amazingly experienced, he’s exhibited in over 50 galleries all across the UK and has had worldwide sales. He doesn’t limit himself to one medium, so he shifts between oil, acrylic, and ink wash, with a few limited edition giclee pieces as well.

Variety is the word when it comes to Bob Turnbull prints, and you can study different art styles and media through his work alone.

Edward Tibbs Prints

One more Northumberland born local artist worth noting is Edward Tibbs. He studied at Newcastle College of Art, and won a bursary to study design in Italy. Very well noted for his work, he won many prizes for his designs during his career in advertising, such as the “National Rose Award”. 

After retiring in 2002, Edward finally had the time to focus on his art and devote his time to his passion of capturing moments of expression and movement. This is a very characteristic theme throughout his work, and adds a very personal and humanistic touch to it.

The themes in Edward’s work vary through a range of pastels of village life, people, and animals. He’s very intrigued by human life and the human form, which is evident in his series of paintings of dancers. He even has paintings with lighter and more joyful themes, as seen in his Man and Dog series. His work can also be somewhat auto-biographical and nostalgic in nature, as he focuses on painting pastels of places he knows through his life experiences, such as small towns and villages in Northumberland.

With Edward Tibbs prints, you feel right at home through his depictions of urban life in Newcastle Upon Tyne, and its many little characteristic nooks.

If you’re interested in learning more about Edward Tibbs and his work, he’s been featured in Marshall Hall’s “The Artists of Northumbria”, where you can learn more.

Other Artists You Can Find On Our Website

After discussing at length about three of our most popular and best selling artists, it’d be a shame to not mention the other remarkable artists featured on our website. So, here’s a list (a sort of index) of all the other artists you can find on our website:


Now that you know a little more about some of our most popular featured artists, you’ll be able to identify each one’s remarkable style with ease, and you’ll be able to put faces to their already humanistic art. When you purchase an artist’s prints, you’re taking a little piece of them home, so it would do you good to know a little about the person behind the art too.

If you’re interested in John Coatsworth prints, Bob Turnbull prints, and Edward Tibbs prints, you can find them on the Bridekirk Fine Art online shop, where we have many filters to help you find just what you’re looking for with ease.

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