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Interested In Newcastle Upon Tyne Pictures and Newcastle Paintings

Posted by Chris 17/11/2021 1 Comment(s)

Newcastle is one of the coldest major cities of England, but that doesn’t stop it from being a warm center for art and culture! The climate may be dry, but there’s nothing dry about life in Newcastle. There are so many must-see spots, which is perhaps why there are so many local artists that flock to this city to feel inspired.

United by seven bridges across a gorgeous riverscape, the city lies on the north bank of the River Tyne and is booming with tourism since it is such a vibrant visitor location. With lots of art inspired by Newcastle, there seems to be a symbiotic relationship between the city’s art and its tourism.

You may be from Newcastle and feeling homesick, or you may have visited a few times and are longing to go back. Either way, there’s no doubt that adding Newcastle paintings and Newcastle upon Tyne pictures to your home would give it a spark of life.

This is precisely why we stock what we consider to be one of the best collections of Newcastle painting and Newcastle upon Tyne pictures. With so many different depictions from so many different artists, all our fine art prints are of the highest quality and we make sure to capture the artists’ view with dedication.


A Bit about the Inspiration behind Our Newcastle Painting Collection

When you buy an art print or a photograph of a place, you end up owning a moment captured in time. You can relive your cultural heritage through this amazing form of imagery and feel like you’re right back at home!

Speaking of home, there are so many iconic and scenic locations in Newcastle that have all been the inspiration for so much art. All of the local spots in Newcastle have inspired art for many years because of the wide range of sights, sounds, and experiences one faces here. With a bustling night-life, world-class culture, dining, shopping, architecture, and heritage, Newcastle is the place to be! And with our fine art prints, you can travel all the way to Newcastle from the comfort of your own home.


Must-See Spots in Newcastle

As we mentioned earlier, there’s a lot to see and take in when it comes to this great city.

A great place to visit in Newcastle is Newcastle Quayside, which is ideal if you want a mix of entertainment and eateries. Newcastle is packed with nightlife and vibrancy, all interlinked together to give you an amazing location with something to do for everyone in the family!

Don’t let the modern nightlife throw you off, however, because Newcastle also has deep roots in history. One of the major locations that pay homage to history is the Grainger Town area. Being the historical heart of the city, it was built between 1835 and 1842 by Richard Grainger and is packed with some of the most famous and well-known buildings and streets. Some of them are Grainger Market, Grey Street, Grainger Street, Theatre Royal, and Clayton Street. The buildings are normally four stories high and have domes, turrets, and spikes, marking their time in history. Grainger apparently found Newcastle in bricks and wood, and turned it to stone instead, developing it further.

Newcastle is also very well known for its Brown Ale, a leading beer brand. It is also the home of Newcastle United F.C, a premier league. These aside, Newcastle is also famous for the scenic view from the Tyne Bridge, where lots of poets sat and pondered and wrote iconic poetry during the romantic period. It has also inspired local painters throughout history.

A major location in Newcastle is the Tyne Bridge, which is the focal point for so many artists featured on our website.


The Great River Tyne

Not to be confused with the River Tyne in Scotland, Newcastle’s River Tyne has a complex system of various bridges and tunnels. Crossed over 20 times, some of the most well known ones are the New Tyne Tunnel, the High Level Bridge, the Tyne Bridge, the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, the King Edward VII Bridge, the Constantius Bridge at Hexham and the Ovingham Bridge.

This river also played a key role in history as it served as a key route for the export of coal from the 13th century till the mid-20th century. Historically, it is believed that during Roman times the River Verda was the River Tyne. In fact, archaeologists have used the banks of this river to find remains of beavers and moose. There were human settlements at headland at the mouth of this river, serving as home to people as far back as the Iron Age.

Acting as a scenic natural border, the River Tyne divides Newcastle and Gateshead, flows through Corbidge, divides Jarrow and Wallsend, flows between South Shields and Tynemouth, and then flows into the North Sea. This river also was  home to Shipyards in South Shields, Wallsend, North Shields and Hebburn, highlighting the nautical nature of the areas.

If you’re a fisherman looking for a tasty catch of Salmon and Sea Trout, the River Tyne is the prime location for you to get your catch of the day! The Tyne River is also well known for having Barbel Fish, which were manually introduced in the 1980’s.

With its scenic beauty, culturally packed history, and overall positive vibe, this area has been the inspiration for a lot of art. In fact, it has been mentioned by musicians many times over the years. Some songs that mention this river are: “Fog on the Tyne” by Lindisfarne, “Waters of Tyne” by Jimmy Nail and Sting, “Oliver’s Army” by Elvis Costello, “Blood on the Rooftops” by Genesis and “Driving in My Car” by Madness.

There’s no wonder that it has served as inspiration for all types of artists over the years. This is probably why we have so many paintings and prints of the river depicted by different local artists in our collection of Newcastle upon Tyne pictures and Newcastle Paintings.


Our Collection of Newcastle upon Tyne Pictures and Newcastle Paintings

As we mentioned earlier, numerous artists have contributed to our stock of Newcastle upon Tyne pictures and paintings of Newcastle in general. Using different media and styles, all these artists have captured Newcastle through their own eyes in such a way that you can appreciate it through yours and relive your Newcastle experience. Some of the artists that have contributed to our variety of Newcastle paintings are Alan Smith Page, Anthony Marshall, Rob Myers, Peter Francis, John Coatsworth, Peter Davidson, Ray Campbell, and many, many more.

Some of our bestselling art prints include: “Tyneside Gold” by Anthony Marshall, “Back Yard in Byker” by John Coatsworth, “Beehive, Newcastle” by Peter Francis, “Great North Run” by John Coatsworth, “Finally Home” by Rob Myers, and “Sunlight & Shadows Grey Street” by Alan Smith Page.

We stock many more prints in our wide collection of artists and styles, so you can have a great time scrolling through our gallery and picking what’s perfect for you!



Now that you’ve taken a trip through time reading this article about Newcastle, you’re probably eager to purchase a fine art print. We have a wide collection of Newcastle Upon Tyne Pictures and Newcastle Paintings, so you can browse through and find something that fits your view. We’ve even made it easier for you to search, with search options which will help you filter and find what you need. You can search for pictures of Newcastle by location (Newcastle, St. James Park, and Theatre Royal) for a more map-friendly search, or you can search by artist, depending on whose style you like best. You can even directly look through different art styles and media to determine which Newcastle painting or Newcastle upon Tyne picture is just right for you.

So, go ahead, add some Newcastle colour to your life and bring home a feeling of nostalgia with our fine art prints!



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