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Looking For North Yorkshire Pictures and North Shields Pictures

Posted by Chris 17/11/2021 1 Comment(s)

Have you been on the lookout for high-quality fine art prints of North Yorkshire and North Shields? We wouldn’t blame you! Both these locations are gorgeous, so it only makes sense you’d want to save a picture and keep it forever. You’ll be happy to know that we stock a good variety of North Yorkshire pictures and North Shields pictures in our online shop.

Our variety is such that there’s something for everyone. No matter which local artist you're looking for, what style, what medium, and which location, chances are we’ve got you covered. We have so many different local prints for Northeast England, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Before we get into details about our collection, let’s talk about these two gorgeous locations, and places to visit!


North Yorkshire: A Place to See

Just as our collection hosts something for pretty much everyone, North Yorkshire is the same when it comes to local spots to see. Since it’s England’s biggest county, it has a wide expanse of things to see and places to visit.

North Yorkshire has a large array of towns, natural spots, cave systems, sandy beaches, and upland spa towns and hamlets. If you’re looking for an experience that is ancient and beautiful, you must visit York, and the Victorian resorts on the coasts of Saltburn and Scarborough. These spots add a touch of Royalty and elegance that aren’t very commonly seen in coastal towns.

If nature is what piques your interest, North Yorkshire has two gigantic national parks to visit, and if you’re a history buff, it is packed with heritage steam railways, haunting abbeys, and Norman castles. 

Being a non-metropolitan area, North Yorkshire is like a snow globe suspended in time, with each of its regions having its very own touch of distinct natural beauty and charm. North Yorkshire is a shire county located in the Yorkshire and Humber region of England and it is primarily a ceremonial county. Created in 1974, North Yorkshire spans an area of 8,654 square kilometers, making it the largest ceremonial county in England.

Most of the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors lie in the North Yorkshire boundaries, and 40% of the county itself is covered by National Parks, as we mentioned earlier. This makes it a lovely location for a nature-oriented weekend getaway! Among its largest settlements are Harrogate and Scarborough, and its famous town in Northallerton.

The beauty of North Yorkshire has inspired quite a few local artists to sit meditatively and paint out their view. Therefore, we have such a wonderful range of North Yorkshire Pictures with different styles and artists!


North Shields: The Place to Be!

North Shields is jam-packed with history and culture. This relatively small town date’s way back to the 13th century, as a fishing port The Fish Quay is still a very popular and very much working quay despite all the extensive changes the town has seen through the ages. Owing to its evolution, the town serves as a brilliant tourist spot with its modern luxury flats, bars, and restaurants.

Souvenirs are a must when you visit this town, and its outlet shopping center near the Royal Quays is perfect for all your gifting needs. Among the most popular of its sights to see is The Fish Quay, which is a bustling with energy and culture! The Fish Quay is so rooted in the culture of North Shields, that every year the town hosts The Fish Quay Festival in its honour.

If you’re someone who loves fishing and all things nautical, you may like to visit the Royal Quays Marina. This spot is perfect for yacht trips on vacations, fishing, and just sitting on the boat and enjoying a wholesome maritime view with your family and friends. If you enjoy admiring sea-life, you may want to visit nearby Tynemouth’s famous Blue Reef Aquarium too. While we’re on the topic of nautical life, it would be a shame to not mention Fiddler’s Green Fisherman’s Memorial. You can go here and pay tribute to the countless souls lost at sea.

To get a real taste of North Shields life, you should visit the Fish Quay. It’s a must-see spot!


Our North Yorkshire Pictures

Our collection of North Yorkshire pictures is vast. We have many different local artists who have captured images of this gorgeous location from their perspective, in varying styles and media.

Nothing can live up to the red brightness of anything by Mark Sofilas. If you’re interested in colour in contrast with peace, “At Ease” is the perfect option for you. Alternatively, if you want something bolder and brighter, perhaps “Almost Home” will catch your eye. For something a little lighter and colourful, “Drinks on the Terrace” is perfect. For something a little remnant of grey nostalgia, Malcolm Teasdale’s“Dusk” will play on your heartstrings. If you’re into nautical life and fishing, you’ll be taken right back to the water with Ray Campbell’s “Low Tide at Staithes”. For something on the more realistic end, Graeme Peacock’s landscape of “Robin Hood’s Bay Cloud” would be ideal for you.

If you check out our online shop, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to North Yorkshire pictures!


Our North Shields Pictures

Since North Shields is a fishing town, ships and nautical themes are a recurring motif in our collection of North Shields pictures.

If you like prints packed with colour, with a mildly cartoonish style, you’d love Joanne Wishart’s “Fish Quay Boats”. For something a little foggier and more haunting, you may prefer “Fog on the Tyne” by Edwin Blackburn. If you like sunny pictures, “Sunrise Reflections” by Pam Morton delivers all that it promises. Alternatively, if you prefer nightscapes, Pam Morton’s “Nostalgia” is a contrastingly beautiful print to own. For something a little brighter and mildly abstract, you’d probably set your heart on “Fish Quay” by Anthony Marshall.

Bring out your nautical side with our North Shields pictures!



There’s no doubt about it; North Yorkshire and North Shields are both equally gorgeous locations to visit, with their own key qualities. If you find yourself longing to be in these spots, you can travel through your eyes with our North Yorkshire pictures and North Shields pictures.

In fact, if you’re looking for local art prints of locations in Northeast England, Bridekirk Fine Art has you covered! Our extensive collection ensures that there’s something for everyone in our online shop. 

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