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Looking for Quality North Shields Pictures and Durham Pictures?

Posted by Chris 02/11/2021 1 Comment(s)

If you’ve landed on this article, chances are you’re on the lookout for some quality North Shields pictures and Pictures of Durham. You may either be from one of these places, or you’re just someone who loves travelling the world through imagery! Maybe you visited one of these fine locations and are feeling rather homesick for an old vacation. Whatever the reason may be, Bridekirk Fine Art has you covered!

We are home to some of the highest quality North Shields pictures and pictures of Durham. With our wide variety of artists and their own distinct styles, we have something for everyone. So, if you find yourself looking for high quality art prints of these gorgeous locations, look no further!

Bridekirk Fine Art is here to tickle your visual tastebuds and take you on a trip through some of England’s most beautiful locations.

The Beauty of North Shields

North Shields, much like the rest of England, is packed with history and culture. This lovely little town dates all the way back to the 13th century, as a fishing port. Its Fish Quay is still a very popular and very much working quay despite all the extensive changes the town has seen through the ages. The town has evolved over time and serves as a brilliant tourist spot with its modern luxury flats, bars, and restaurants. If you’re looking to buy souvenirs from your travels to North Shields, the outlet shopping center near the Royal Quays is the place to be. Among the most popular of its sights to see is the Fish Quay, which is a bustling with energy and culture! The Fish Quay is so rooted in the culture of North Shields, that every year the town hosts The Fish Quay Festival in its honour.

If you’re someone who loves fishing and all things nautical, you may like to visit the Royal Quays Marina. This spot is perfect for yacht trips on vacations, fishing, and just sitting on the boat and enjoying a wholesome maritime view with your family and friends. If you enjoy admiring sea-life, you may want to visit North Shield’s Old Low Light Heritage Centre too. While we’re on the topic of nautical life, it would be a shame to not mention Fiddler’s Green Fisherman’s Memorial. You can go here and pay tribute to the countless souls lost at sea.

If you’re planning a budget trip to North Shields, you can view all these gorgeous sites packed with heritage for decent prices. You must visit the Fish Quay if you want a real taste of North Shields life.

North Shields Pictures

We have a wide variety of North Shields pictures. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to art style because all our artists add their own elements in their work, making each print a unique must have!

If you like colours that seem to pop out at you, and a classic cartoonish style, you’ll fall in love with “Fish Quay Boats” by Joanne Wishart. Another lovely image by Joanne Wishart is “Sailing on the Tyne”, which is perfect if you find yourself attracted to colourful nautical themes. If you like something that looks a little more haunting and eerie, Edwin Blackburn’s “Fog on the Tyne” is the right choice for you. For a North Shields picture with a decent touch of realism, your eyes will instantly turn to Bob Turnbull’s “Low Light – North Shields”. If you find yourself nostalgic and searching for a North Shields picture that captures that feeling, Pam Morton’s “Sunlight Reflections” is the perfect picture for you. You may also find yourself attracted to “Fishing Boats at North Shields” by John Coatsworth. Another great image is “Fish Quay” by one of our most popular artists, Anthony Marshall. This image is full of lights reflecting on the water, giving it a lovely hint of realism surrounded by a mixture of both dull and popping colours.

Places to See in Durham

Durham City is most famous for its iconic Durham Cathedral and Durham Castle. This remarkable city sits at the heart of a gorgeous county that combines the view of a breathtaking countryside and distinct coastline. This city is just riddled with cultural treasures!

If you want to unwind in nature and sit in peace and tranquility, Durham Dales and North Pennies are two places with an outstanding amount of natural beauty. They’re ideal to unwind and relax, or even get outdoors and active. If natural sights are your thing, the rugged beauty of High Force Waterfall and Durham Heritage Coast will leave you starstruck.

Durham has a lot of fascinating history and is packed with heritage and award-winning attractions. The name “Durham” itself is derived from the Old English “Dun”, meaning hill fort, and the Old Norse “holme”, which means “the island”. The Lord Bishop of Durham uses a Latin variation of the city’s name officially, which is “N. Dunelm”.  Linguistically, the city is so rich in culture that it’s been called several names throughout history. The original Nordic “Dun Holm” was changed to “Duresme” by the Normans, and in Latin it’s called “Dunelm”. The modern name for Durham came later. In fact, the name changes of this city are so well known that there’s a book dedicated to it! Robert Surtees’s “History and Antiquities of the County palatine of Durham” highlights that it’s near impossible to tell exactly when the modern name for Durham came to be.

There are a lot of different stories behind the name, and one of the most famous ones is the legend of Dun Cow and the milkmaid, who apparently guided the monks of Lindisfarne carrying the body of Saint Cuthbert to the site of the present city as far back as 995 AD.
Dun Cow Lane is known to be one of the first streets in Durham, directed to the east of Durham Cathedral. It takes its name from an old depiction of the city’s founding etched in masonry on the south side of Durham Cathedral.

Durham is a beautiful mix of coastline and countryside packed with history. There are many gorgeous places to visit here, which is perhaps why Durham Pictures are so popular!

Durham Pictures

If you’re looking for Durham pictures that capture the city’s beauty and complex history, we’ve got a wide collection for you! Our wide range of artists captures this lovely city from different viewpoints and styles.

If you enjoy prints with abstract and colourful cartoonish elements, you’d love John Chatsworth’s “Durham Cathedral from the River”. If you like Durham pictures that have a sort of depth of realism to them, you’d fall in love with Graeme Peacock’s “Durham Cathedral from Prebends Bridge” and “Durham Cathedral Illuminated During Lumiere Festival”. The former has an icy and foggy theme to it, making it look a little on the eerie and hauntingly beautiful side. The latter is packed with colour, light, and depth. If prints with heavy elements of shadow and grey are what you’re into, Malcolm Teasedale’s “Dusk” is right up your alley. If you enjoy streetscapes and you’re feeling a little nostalgic for the streets of Durham, then you’d find yourself unable to look away from Alan Smith Page’s “Silver Street, Durham”. 


If you’re looking for quality Durham pictures and pictures of North Shields, this is the place for you! You can filter through our online shop and find pictures based on location, artist, style, and medium.

The Bridekirk Fine Art online shop is your one-stop-shop for fine art prints of North East England!

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