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Newcastle upon Tyne a beautiful city on the banks of the River Tyne

Posted by Chris 19/10/2021 2 Comment(s)

Here at Bridekirk Fine Art, we have a wide range of artistic prints of many local places. We believe that supporting local art is integral to preserving a place’s culture, and so we act as a platform for many local artists to showcase and sell their prints. Some of our prints include prints of Northumberland, Cumbria pictures, and Newcastle Upon Tyne pictures. All of which are from varying artists with different styles, so you get to see these amazing locations through entirely different perspectives. We find this beautiful, since art is all about perception and the ability to capture one’s view in their own style. Before we get into each location’s prints, we’ll give you a short background of these places, so you know exactly what to expect when you shop from our online shop!

Northumberland: A Place Bustling with History


If you consider yourself a history buff, Northumberland is the place for you. Northumberland is home to the most castles in England, and it once served as a scene for many wars between England and Scotland. Some of the most notable and famous castles you’ll see in Northumberland are the castles of Alnwick, Bamburgh, Dunstanburgh, and Warkworth. The area once was part of the Roman Empire as well, and it has a bit of a violent history attached to it.

Its historical boundaries under King Edwin stretched from the Humber in the South to the Forth in the North. After the area from the Tweed to the Forth was ceded to the Kingdom of Scotland 1018, its border was reduced to the traditional northern border of the River Tweed. This also included Lothian, the region which now contains Edinburgh.

Northumberland is sometimes referred to as “The Cradle of Christianity” in England, since it was located on Holy Island, which is a tidal island north of Bamburgh. This tidal island is also the home of Lindisfarne Castle and it’s commonly accepted that Christianity flourished here when monks from Iona were sent to convert the English. In fact, Holy Island was the home of the Gospels and Saint Cuthbert, who happens to be buried in Durham Cathedral.

History aside, Northumberland has many iconic structures, castles, villages, and pretty towns. A must see sight is the gorgeous coastline. This combined with the intricate castles is what makes for such a high demand for prints of Northumberland.

Prints of Northumberland


Our prints of Northumberland are extremely popular and we have a wide range of artists that like to paint pictures of this wonderful location. In fact, some of these prints are so popular that they are even sold out. An example of this would be Bob Tunrbull’s “Beadnell” and “Beadnell Beach”, which have a gorgeous mix of realism and surrealism, with striking colours and amazing visuals. If colours are what attracts you towards art, another amazing print you may be interested in is “Berwick upon Tweed” by Joanne Wishart. If you enjoy colours and subtle hints of cubism, you will fall head over heels for Bernie Wisniewski’s “Cheviot Summer”. There are a wide range of prints to choose from when it comes to Northumberland, and you can even browse our online shop and choose filters by location and style to find the right one for you. We even have a section dedicated to prints of Northumberland castles as well!

Cumbria: A Gorgeous Location


Cumbria is considered to be one of the most outstanding areas in England when it comes to natural beauty. It’s predominantly a rural area and has a Lake District as well. Within this lake district lies a gorgeous Lake District National Park, which alone receives around 15.8 visitors yearly. Owing to its beauty, Cumbria’s main industry is tourism, with 36,000 residents employed in this industry that contributes £1.1 Billion a year to the economy of the country.

Despite being such a tourist hot spot, there are less than 50,000 permanent residents living within the Lake District. Those who do reside in Cumbria permanently, tend to stay mostly in Ambleside, Bowness on Windermere, Coniston Keswick, Grasmere and Windermere.

When it comes to tourism, Cumbria is very worldly and attracts tourists from across the UK and Europe, North America and the East (especially Japan), so it’s also a great place to learn about other cultures as well!

A large expanse of Cumbria is mountainous and it has peaks that are over 3,000 feet above sea level. Cumbria is the only place in England with peaks that go this high up. In fact, Scafell Pike is the highest point of England and stands at 3,209 feet above sea level.

Cumbira makes for a beautiful mix of upland, coastal, and rural areas, making it an otherworldly experience to visit. The history of Cumbria is also extremely extensive and the location has served as a battleground between the English and Scottish in the past. Apart from this, the history of Cumbria contains stories of invasions, migration, and settlement as well. The beauty of Cumbria has made it an inspiration for artists, writers, and musicians everywhere.

Cumbria Pictures


Owing to its beauty, there are many amazing Cumbria pictures available in our online shop. A colourful depiction of the dramatic landscape lies in Mark Sofilas’ “Derwent Water”. If you’re into market scenes, perhaps “A Tasty Pie - Keswick” by Edward Tibbs is right for you. John Williamson is a brilliant option for you if you enjoy realistic landscapes and love looking at Lake Districts. His prints of “Grasmere Cumbria” and “Greenlee Lough” are absolutely stunning and are must haves!.

Newcastle Upon Tyne: A Beautiful City on the banks of the Tyne

Newcastle upon Tyne, or simply put, “Newcastle”, is considered to be one of the most iconic towns in Britain. Newcastle is very well known for its industrial heritage, bustling nightlife, popular brown ale, and of course, its distinct “Geordie” dialect.

A North East city of England that started off as a Roman Fort on Hadrian’s Wall in 122AD, Newcastle has seen many transformations since its conception. This is possibly why it’s so well known for its architecture and industrial heritage. In fact, heavy industries thrived in Newcastle during the Industrial Revolution, with the invention of the Davy Lamp and Steam Turbine being credited to this wonderful city. Historically speaking, there are many ancient Roman sites to visit in Newcastle as well.

The cultural heritage of Newcastle is very strong as well, and it served as the 4th biggest printing industry in the UK. Newcastle has served as a sort of pilgrimage location for scholars, intellectuals, and academics since the Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne was established here, commonly and lovingly referred to as the “Lit and Phil”. This building was one of the first to use electric lightbulbs when Joseph Swan chose it as a prime location to showcase his invention. It has also been a place of debate and a wide range of literature in German, Latin, Spanish, and French.

Speaking about culture, it would be a shame to not mention the colourful “Geordie” dialect that is characteristic of Newcastle. This dialect shows that Newcastle is also a great location for those interested in Linguistics. Since Scottish English and the Geordie dialect have some similarities, you’ll also feel like you’re in two places at once when you visit Newcastle.

The Tyne Bridge and Theatre Royal are extremely popular locations in Newcastle and have since inspired art from many different artists in different styles.

Newcastle upon Tyne Pictures


There are many remarkable Newcastle upon Tyne Pictures in our online shop. With realistic prints by Alan Smith Page to more abstract images by Anthony Marshall. If you would like to know more about Newcastle and our wide collection of Newcastle upon Tyne pictures, you can read this article we posted!



Now that you know about the cultural and historical heritage of these amazing locations, you may be inclined to pick up a print of areas in these towns. If you’re looking for high quality artistic prints, look no further, because the online shop and Bridekirk Fine Art has an ocean of options for you to choose from!

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