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Our Wide Variety of Newcastle Paintings And Pictures

Posted by Archie 24/09/2021 0 Comment(s)

Though it’s known as one of the coldest major cities of England, Newcastle is thriving with art and culture. Though it may be dry, it is beautiful and has inspired a lot of local artists to paint pictures of its various must-see spots. 

Newcastle is united by seven bridges across a large and gorgeous riverscape. This city is on the north bank of the River Tyne, and makes for a vibrant visitor location, booming with cultural activity and tradition.

If you’re interested in this lovely city, or if you’re from there and feeling homesick, one of the best ways to feel connected to Newcastle is by filling your home with pictures of Newcastle, Newcastle paintings, and Newcastle upon Tyne pictures to really grasp the picturesque aspect of the city, and feel at home once more.

This is why we stock what we consider the best collection of Newcastle paintings and pictures. All our fine art prints are of the highest quality and we make sure to capture the artists’ view with dedication. 


Local Spots Captured In Time 

The best thing about art and photography is that it captures a moment and suspends it in time. You can time travel through paintings and pictures, and relive your cultural heritage through your eyes. This is why it’s great to own pictures of Newcastle because you’re taken right back home just by looking at these gorgeously intricate paintings.

There are many iconic and scenic locations in Newcastle that have inspired art. With its many different areas, Newcastle has a lot to offer, including new sights, experiences, and sounds. It also has a very vibrant nightlife, world-class culture, world-famous dining, great spots for shopping, beautiful architecture, and heritage. Another amazing place to visit in Newcastle is Newcastle Quayside, the ideal place for an entertainment-packed with eateries. All of these are amazingly interlinked together to give you a gorgeous location packed with positivity, with something there for everyone.

Though vibrant and bustling with modern nightlife, Newcastle also pays homage to history with the Grainger Town area. This area is the historical heart of Newcastle and was built between 1835 and 1842 by Richard Grainger, and some of the most famous and well-known buildings and streets belong here, like Grainger Market, Grey Street, Grainger Street, Theatre Royal, and Clayton Street. The buildings are normally four stories high and have domes, turrets, and spikes, marking their time in history. Grainger apparently found Newcastle in bricks and wood, and turned it to stone instead, developing it further. 


Main Icons 

Newcastle is famous for its Brown Ale, which is a leading brand of beer. It’s also famous for being home to Newcastle United F.C, a premier league team, and the scenic Tyne Bridge. Newcastle is known for hosting the world’s most famous half marathon, the Great North Run, since 1981. 

With all these gorgeous spots and famous icons, there’s no wonder that our Newcastle Paintings, pictures of Newcastle, and Newcastle upon Tyne pictures are bestsellers. That being said, local artists and photographers have been inspired by Newcastle and so have contributed to our large range of Newcastle paintings. We have one of the widest ranges of Newcastle paintings available online, with diverse styles from different artists. 


Our Artist Range 

As mentioned earlier, numerous artists have contributed to our stock of Newcastle upon Tyne pictures and pictures of Newcastle in general. Using different media and styles, all these artists have captured Newcastle through their own eyes in such a way that you can appreciate it through yours and relive your Newcastle experience through these pictures of Newcastle, so you’ll always feel at home even if you’re away. 

Some of the artists that have contributed to our variety of Newcastle paintings are Alan Smith Page, Anthony Marshall, Rob Myers, Peter Francis, John Coatsworth, Peter Davidson, Ray Campbell, and many, many more. Each of these artists have their own unique style, some of them even explore different styles for similar locations, to give you a wide range of gorgeous fine art prints to pick from. 


Our Style Range 

Each artist has their own style and preferred media form. This is why you’ll find a wide range of art styles in our Newcastle paintings collection. 

If you’re looking for something that looks calm and sort of cartoonish, you’d probably be interested in a Newcastle picture by John Coatsworth titled “Back Yard in Byker”. This painting has haunting and cool-toned hues, with a sliver of warmth cutting through the snow to remind you of home. Say you’re feeling homesick for a local Newcastle hotel/pub, then you’d fall in love with “Beehive, Newcastle” by Peter Francis. If you’re a marathon enthusiast and happen to miss the race, you can live the experience through John Coatsworth’s “Great North Run” Painting. If you like warm colors and a more abstract and surreal look, you’d be interested in “Tyneside Gold” by Anthony Marshall. If you’re fond of landscapes, Alan Smith Page’s pictures of Newcastle may be perfect for you, with some of Newcastle’s most famous city center buildings and spots captured in his work. If you’re into the realism of everyday life, you may find yourself attracted to “Tyne Bridge and the Side” by Roy Francis Kirton. If you’re homesick, Rob Myers’ “Finally Home” may just spark a feeling of nostalgia in you. Anthony James Hall’s “Gogglebox” will have you feeling at home with your family, with its urban colorist style and colors that leap out to you to brighten your day.

These are just a few examples of some pictures of Newcastle you’ll find in the Bridekirk Fine Art shop. With this wide variety of artists, styles, and media, we are home to one of the largest collections of Newcastle paintings, making sure there’s something for everyone interested. 



Now that you’re aware of all the lovely sights to see in Newcastle, it’ll be easy to pick from our variety of Newcastle paintings. You may want to pick up a Newcastle upon Tyne picture, or just a general landscape Newcastle picture. Either way, we definitely have something available for you. No matter what style of art you prefer, and which artist strikes close to home, chances are we have exactly what you’re looking for. We even have an easy search option, which will help you filter and find what you need. You can search for pictures of Newcastle by location (Newcastle, St. James Park, Theatre Royal) for a more map-friendly search, or you can search by artist, depending on whose style you like best. You can even directly look through different art styles and media to determine which Newcastle painting or Newcastle upon Tyne picture is just right for you.

So, go ahead, add some color to your life and bring home a feeling of nostalgia with our wide collection of Newcastle paintings. 


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