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What are the collection prints of Tynemouth must haves and sites to see

Posted by Chris 11/10/2021 0 Comment(s)

The town of Tynemouth is a beautiful town at the mouth of the River Tyne, between Cullercoats and North Shields. Sitting at the mouth of the River Tyne, Tynemouth is an exciting town that’s most famous for being a surfing championship venue. This exciting place is perfect for people who love adventure, while also being a great relaxing spot for tourists.

Tynemouth’s pier took 40 years to construct, so it’s no wonder so many intricate art pieces have been made in dedication to it. Tynemouth in itself is a work of art, which is probably why there’s so many beautiful Tynemouth photographic prints available. Apart from just photographs, there’s a lot of amazing paintings and art that have been inspired by this scenic location. Bridekirk Fine Art happens to be home to many of these artworks and prints. Here at Bridekirk, we believe in boosting local artists and also promoting the beauty of the country we live in. Why look at buying art prints of different locations, when beauty is just a hop and step away, right here in the UK?

The best thing about purchasing Tynemouth photographic prints is that you get to relive moments you may have spent in this wonderous town. If you’re not from Tynemouth, these prints and pictures will allow you to experience the beautiful world of Tynemouth right from your own home.


Sites To See

The beauty of this town is all-encompassing, and so, there are many wondrous sites to see in Tynemouth.

If you’re a market enthusiast, stepping into Tynemouth Market on Saturdays will be an experience you’ll never forget. Vibrant and colourful and packed with culture, the market will brighten up your day and let you truly feel like you’ve been a part of the Tynemouth experience.

If you’re a history buff, perhaps a visit to the Tynemouth priory and castle will tingle your brain and feed you with the sands of time. If you’re a person that enjoys intricacies and scenic views, a long walk on the Tynemouth pier may be just right for you. The pier took 40 years to construct to give you the best view and experience possible. The pier itself is packed with little notes from history, and is living proof of trial and error. The pier was originally built with a curve, but the design proved to be impractical since it was destroyed against a great storm and had to be rebuilt. Another great historic view is the Collingwood monument, which will take you back to the old days and make you feel like you’ve been transported in time!

Since Tynemouth is a town on the mouth of a river, it’d be a shame to not mention all the fish-friendly spots you can visit! You can visit the North Shields Fish Quay, or grab lunch at Riley’s Fish Shack or the Surf Cafe and really experience the coastal lifestyle of Tynemouth.

Another amazing thing you can do is walk along the Longsands beach, which is 1200 yards long and makes for quite the sight. It’s no wonder there are so many Tynemouth photographic prints and intricate paintings depicting this beautiful stroll.


An Iconic Experience

An iconic experience is exactly what you go through when you visit all these sites in Tynemouth. But, if you haven’t been lucky enough to see this gorgeous place in person, Tynemouth photographic prints will take you there from the comfort of your own home.

You can visit the great 18th century sea-baths and feel like you were there just by looking at these pictures. They are currently not functioning, but are being refurbished so they’ll be reopened again in the next couple of years. Taking a trip to Prior’s Haven and joining in with the Victorian bathers through your very own living room is made possible with the array of Tynemouth photographic prints and pictures you’ll find available on our website.


Inspired Art

The beauty of Tynemouth and all of it’s main icons have been captured by many local artists and are found available as high-quality fine art prints here at Bridekirk Fine Arts.

If you want a wavy beach seascape, that looks like a storm’s about to hit, you may enjoy “A Grand View” by Pam Morton. If you like romantic motifs and are someone that sees brightness in storms “Courtin’ in the Rain” by Peter Davidson will have you feeling nostalgic over your teenage heartthrob days. If you’re a history buff with an eye for colour, “Nearby Collingwood’s Monument” by Anthony Marshall is the perfect print for you. If you love luxurious panoramic pictures, then perhaps Graeme Peacock’s “Cullercoats Bay Panorama” will add a great touch to your wall. If you enjoy art that has slightly surrealist motifs to it, and you also love to surf, “Gone Surfin’” by Peter Davidson will add a lovely touch of colour to your home. If home is where the market is, then Alan Smith Page’s “Market Day Tynemouth Metro Station” is just right for you.

There are varying artists with varying styles, making it easy for pretty much anyone to find something they like on our website. We cater to all your artistic needs and can provide you with prints from different artists with different styles to match your aesthetic!

Alan Smith Page Pictures

Talking about Tynemouth photographic prints and not mentioning Alan Smith Page pictures would be nothing short of a crime. Alan Smith Page is one of our most popular and best-selling artists. He varies in his art style and can provide paintings to fit the tastes of anyone’s needs. His art borders between realism and surrealism, while he’s also extremely skilled at still life and more.

If you’re looking at buying Tynemouth photographic prints, our selection of Alan Smith Page pictures will have you reeling in excitement!



From the 1200 yards of sand on the Longsands beach, to the historic monument of Collingwood and Tynemouth priory and castle, Bridekirk Fine Art is home to the best and most remarkable Tynemouth photographic prints and paintings. We have art of different styles and mediums, made by a wide range of artists, so there’s something for everyone here. You can browse through our online shop and search by location, artist, style, and even medium, and chances are you’ll find a print that you absolutely fall in love with.

So, take a trip back home to Tynemouth or visit this whole new location through the comfort of your own home. Purchase a Tynemouth photographic print (or an Alan Smith Page picture) from the Bridekirk Fine Art online shop and be transported in time!

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