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You Can Find The Best Whitby Prints and Staithes Pictures Here

Posted by Chris 09/11/2021 1 Comment(s)

Have you been searching for quality Whitby prints and Staithes pictures? But you just can’t seem to find them anywhere? Well, you’re in luck because we happen to be home to some of the highest quality fine art prints of Whitby and pictures of Staithes!

If you’re from one of these gorgeous places, our prints will make you feel like you’re right back at home. If you’re just an art lover who loves collecting images from local artists all over Northeast England, our prints are ideal for you too.

Since we have a large selection of artists, you know for a fact that you’ll find something in almost any style! Here at Bridekirk Fine Art, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to scenic and nostalgic images of Northeast England locations. Read on to learn more about these amazing locations and the kind of prints you can take home!


Whitby: A Port Town withso much to offer

Whitby is a gorgeous seaside town and port which is a very popular destination in North Yorkshire. Located on the east coast of Yorkshire, at the mouth of the River Esk, Whitby is famous for its maritime, mineral, and tourist heritage.

One of its most popular spots is the ruins of Whitby Abbey, which lies on its East Cliff. Another very popular tourist spot is its fishing port, which is bustling with life and takes you back to the Middle Ages, when it was developed. Packed with culture and history, this port is home to important herring and whaling fleets. In fact, along with the nearby fishing village of Staithes, Whitby is where Captain Cook learned seamanship!

Though it’s a popular tourist spot, tourism truly began during the Georgian period and further developed with the construction of the railway in 1839. It is now a very popular tourist spot, owing to its proximity to the high ground of the North York Moors National Park and its Heritage coastline.

If you’re an old horror novel buff, Whitby is a remarkable place to visit. Bram Stoker found inspiration for his famous novel “Dracula” in Whitby, being smitten by the town’s atmosphere, red roofs, ruins of Whitby Abbey, and its many churches and tombstones. Not to mention, he found inspiration for “Dracula” in the bats he saw flying around all the churches. Bram Stoker really knew how to pin-point the gothic architecture of Whitby and bring it to life (or undead life?) in his novel.

Apart from being a popular fishing port, Whitby is also well known as a mining town. Jet and Alum were mined locally, and Whitby Jet was all the craze back in the 19th century, being mined by the Romans and Victorians.

The red roofs and ruins of Whitby Abbey have inspired many artists and writers, which is perhaps why prints of Whitby are so popular!

Whitby Prints

The classic red roofs of Whitby have inspired many artists to paint and depict the town of Whitby through their own eyes. Which is why we have a large collection of Whitby prints by many local artists!

If a sense of nostalgia is what you feel when you think of Whitby and its striking red roofs, you’d love a print of Mark Sofilas’ “Almost Home”. He has a lovely way of combining colours and adding a human touch to his work, as you can see in “Another Chat”. If you’re a local pub-hopper who can’t seem to get enough of these colourful spots, Joanne Wishart’s “Whitby Rooftops” is for you! If you enjoy realistic photographic prints, Graeme Peacock’s “Whitby Harbour and Abbey” is the right choice for you. If a pop of colour is something you crave, you’ll be absolutely enchanted by Mark Sofilas’ “Sandsend Sunset”.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to Whitby prints on our website, so there’s something for everyone!


Enter The Jurassic Period in Staithes

Staithes is an absolutely remarkable destination to visit in Northeast England. It’s a town that’s bustling with history, so if you’re interested in getting your brain some much needed historical juice, Staithes is the town for you! Apart from being one of the places Captain Cook learned seamanship, Staithes has a history that dates to even prehistoric times. Staithes is a destination for Geologists, who study the strata in the cliffs surrounding the village to learn more about the Jurassic period. In fact, in the early 1990’s, a very rare fossil of a seagoing dinosaur was discovered after a rockfall between Staithes and Port Mulgrave to the south. Ever since, this fossil has been the main focus of an ongoing project to unearth the ancient bones of the mysterious creature.

Formerly one of the many fishing centers of England, Staithes is now largely a tourist destination. In fact, the CBeebies series “Old Jack’s Boat” starring Bernard Cribbins was set and filmed in Staiths. “Old Jack’s” house is located at 4 Crowbar Bank in the town.

Being a fishing town, Staithes is well known for its sheltered harbour bounded by high cliffs and two long breakwaters. It was also once a mining town, so there are ruined remnants of alum mines a mile to the west of Boulby Cliff.

Port Mulgrave remains one of the best places on the northern coast to find fossils of Ammonites, and so, many tourists and visitors spend an ample amount of time cracking open the shaly rocks of the shoreline in hopes of finding a prime specimen.

If you love maritime life with a combination of prehistoric times, you’ll absolutely love Staithes. It has a very quaint and peaceful element to it, and this is probably why so many local artists choose to depict this quaint little town in their work.


Staithes Pictures 

Owing to its peace and tranquility, and it’s colourful history, Staithes has inspired countless artists to depict this town in their own view. Which is why we have a very wide collection of local artists who have painted images from this little town in so many different styles!

If you love a good pub-run, you’ll really enjoy Mark Sofilas’ “Cod and Lobster” or “Drinks on the Terrace”. These Staithes pictures give you a feeling of nostalgia for peaceful nights with friends. If you love nautical motifs and large pops of colour, Joanne Wishart’s “Staithes” is a print you’d love to have. If you’re someone that prefers duller and more sober tones, Alan Smith Page’s “Staithes, Yorkshire” would be a great addition to your collection. If fishing is your favorite thing to do, you’d really love a print of “Low Tide at Staithes” by Ray Campbell. If you love the abstract movement of water and wish to have a print that depicts it well, Mark Sofilas’ “Safe Harbour” is the way to go.

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to Staithes pictures on our website. You’ll very likely be able to find something that fits your taste.



If you find yourself longing for home in Staithes or Whitby, or you just miss an old vacation you once took there, you can always travel back to these lovely locations through art! If you wish to be a time-traveler of sorts, purchase something from our wide collection of Staithes pictures and Whitby prints and find yourself reminded of all the good times you had in these amazing towns!

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